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Updated: April 27 2015
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New Questions

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan
just (a week ago) had oil change, exhaust cross over pipe with kit replaced due to exhaust leak and bolts somehow fell out, valve cover gaskets replaced due to an oil leak, vehicle is now sputtering and check engine light is on. What could the problem be?

1988 Nissan SENTRA

97 Ford ford escort 97 model zetec
Hi my ford escort 97 model zetec motot,struggles to start ,it is very slugies and it has n miss when starting,it also jerks for a while and has unbalanced idleing.but after a while it gets the power back,and then loses pwer again

1973 Ford F100 stright 6 4.0
I have put in a new intake and exhaust manifold, 1973 ford f100 L300 4.9 s6 I would like to know the right way of mounting it and the pattern for bolt installation. which one first zig any tricks for better performance Thank You Marcy.

1999 Chevrolet cavalier
I have a 1999 Chevrolet cavalier high beam That the right beam wont work I have changed the light ,but nothing happened. I also put in a bulb for my license plate light also does not work . what is wrong with it?

1993 Ford taurus
i have a 1993 ford taurus sedan,vehicle starts at times ,will run for less than 1 minute and stall. or will not start at all. when vehicle fails to start,i have no spark or fuel pressure

1995 Nissan GLE
I have a 95 nissan maxima and I just recently change the starter and it starts to shut off and hesitates when accelerating and shakes

1992 Engine Cadillac 4.9
i just put a new distributor cap on and then timed it now it stalls when i press the accelerator, replaced the tps & it did not fix my problem

1995 Chevrolet S-10 P/u
the truck has set for a couple years....I put a new battery in it and when I turned it over nothing happened.. it did not crank it all

2003 Ford crown vic
Check engine light came on and has stayed on after idling in park with the AC on for about 10-15 minutes. What could be the problem?

1992 Engine Toyota 2.2 4 cylinder
My 1992 Celica gt blows blue smoke at startup for about 5 to 10 seconds then it clears why ? motor runs great by the way.

1995 Ford taurus
its hard to pull out of 1st gear but when it do the car runs great

1992 Mercury grand Marquis
Why does my 1992 4.6 mercury grand Marquis hesitate miss buck backfire through intake?

1999 Chevrolet Cavalier
1999 Cavalier has good compression, fuel and fire but will not start. I took the injectors out and held them about 1 inch from the ports and it will start and run. Put the injectors back in and it will not start. I checked the intake manifold for restrictions and found none, it is OK. It shows no codes and I have checked everything I can think of. Any help would great. Thanks

1993 AMC chevy
recently my 1993 chevy cavalier stauls when it rains and the brakes become hard only have a few seconds to get it pulled over or i cant stop and my emergency brake does not work at all

1990 Engine Chev 3.1 v6
1990 chevy beretta V6 3.1 litre idles fine after relearn maybe misfire not sure new spark plugs and cables new fuel pump , fuel regulator, map sensor, tps, cleaned EGR, cleaned fuel injectors when i try to drive it stutters then wants to stall when i give it gas. I am stuck what should i do. thankyou

1997 Chevrolet cavalier
i got a 1997 chevy cavalier replaced the fuel pump how and where is the relay switch and how to get to it?

1992 ford escort engine will not turn off with key

1996 Mazda 1996 mazda b4000
did not get an answer. Have a 1996 mazda B4000 that is stalling when slowing down and turning

2001 Engine Ford 2.0 spi
From what cars will a 2.0 spi 2001 escort will be able to swap with

1996 Ford f150
has a knocking sound in engine but does not change when rpm change. it has a 300 inline in it with 4spd tranny

1993 Ford 5.0
What will I need to do if I put a high rise intake on my ford 5.0?

My 3.1L is not driving in will go in reverse but will not move

1996 Ford explorer
On my 1996 Expl. 4.0L Control Trac 4X4 started w/ speedometer needle jumps erraticly and at times, drops to 0. This coincides with the automatic transmission shifting & downshifting to become harsher. The O/D light will come on later. Some times it seems to lock up when the speedo shows 45mph. When the needle drops, it will unlock the T. Converter.

1994 Chevrolet z24
My 3.1L is not driving in will go in reverse but will not move

1993 Nissan sentra
starts fine runs good but when slowing down it idles like it is going to die, when it is first cranked no problem ,,but its like when it gets warmed up and i have to slow down to a stop it idles rough , like going to quit but doesnt,, what could it be,,,i replace fuel pump last year..

1998 Ford Taurus
the code on my 1998 ford taurus 17bolt tranny came up PO704 Clutch pedal switch condition no movement.Tranny want switch out of 1st rpm just revs up, can you explain what this mean where is it located on the car also.

1996 Ford 1996 Ford 150
I have recently put new plugs, wires , cap and rotor& fuel filter on 1996 ford ford f 150 manual transmission it was having problems when driving after 20 min or so there would be like a glitch or miss and would seem to loose power for a second or two , sometimes would actually stall at 55mph going down road. seamed to run fine for week or so and is now diong this again now I feel unsafe driving it down highway .any sugestions?

19 Nissan maxima 1996 v6
nissan v6 maxima 1996 have a vibrate engine i change spark plug clean trottle change coil. engine mount good. I change knock sensor, Still the same what can i do.

1987 Engine Mazda 2.6l
i have replaced the old engine and installed a new engine in the b2600 tryed keeping as many of the vacuum lines attached as possible but the one that came off and need put back on i need a diagram of what goes where and what is an absolute to make it run and can i remove the ones that are for the EGR system cause i have eleminated the egr system?

1997 Ford explorer
So I have a 97 ford explorer 4l v6 it turns over and starts on occasion but not so Mich lately. I have changed the fuel filter spark plugs coil pack o2 sensor and air filter in hopes of some miracle of a fix but still no go and another day of work is falling away please help

2002 Chev 2002
I am having an issue with a ground wire. i have had this issue before and had it fixed and now its back. i was told that the ground wire was located near the battery. the issues im having happen randomly, sometimes the wipers will stop while the switch is on, and my low beams will randomly not work as well. however my high beams will work. but only on one side.

1993 Engine Toyota camry xle v6
My 93 Camry XLE V6 shakes and theirs a ticking. It shakes at higher speeds above 45. The ticking starts as the car starts. Does not shake when I press brake. Only if I hit the gas petal above 45. Ticking seems to be almost contsant?

1999 Pontiac 1999 sunfire
1999 sunfire overheats only when in traffic or going 20-30mph. There is no purged valve to bleed, coolant is good, water seems to flow because hoses are hot, fan does come on. Please help!

1989 Engine Nissan nissan sentra 1989
White smoke after starting the car for some minutes then it is not visible again

1992 Engine Toyota NTY1.6V5FF06
While driving car, it will get sluggish and then shut down. So then while trying to restart car, it spins fine but wont recrank. After setting for 10-15 minutes it will crank back up. Other times, you can drive 20 miles. cut it off and go in store, come back wont restart but will spin.

2002 Chevrolet cavalier
I have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier engine light comes on. and stays on unless car is idling and it will go off. The first day this happened I had to drive home about 60 miles away then all my other lights came on the dash lights headlights went dim, windshield wipers went off so I pulled off and parked it. I change the alternator got a half a mile down the road battery light came back ob started up hill head lights flickered dim until I got to the top of hill and they came on normal.Alternator and battery was checked and It was charging great could be causing this be bad spark plugs and wires or something else

1994 Toyota Truck
What is 27 means on obd1

1992 Ford tempo

1991 Nissan maxima
I changed the distributor, plugs, wires, and fuel filter. The car will start up the first time and run for 15 minutes and when I turn it off, it will not crank again

1994 Ford 1994 4x4 explorer limited
I want to replace my v-6 engine with a v-8. Is that an option?

1987 Engine Nissan sensor or relay behind the dash that would smoke then kill the 87 nissan pulsar nx
what sensor or relay behind the dash that would smoke then kill the 87 nissan pulsar nx the car seems like it loses power and the next thing you know the battery has full charge. it acts like it loses both fuel and power

1987 Engine Nissan Pulsar nx
1987 Nissan pulsar nx sohc auto tran. I put new tps in now my car fires when cranking it over but will not start and I got gas coming from tailpipe

1999 Honda 1999 honda prelude
Hi Experts! I hope I can explain this so it makes sense. I have a 1999 Honda Prelude (standard 5sp). We just installed a new head gasket, timing belt, and water pump. We followed the Prelude manual to a tee including balancing the timing belt and pulley. The spark plugs, thermostat, fuel filter and radiator are also new. After all was done, we followed the manual on tuning it up but it still will not start. Do you have any ideas on what we need to do? Your help would be so much appreciated. ~ Thanks!!

1987 Ford Tempo
Can you use an Alternator from any other years of Tempos or other cars

86 Chevrolet caviler
have a 86, 2.0 cavalrie had to replace the head and not shure if I have the timeing right...and I cant find anything about the timming to get the motor to fire up. I have fule and spark just was wonder what the timeing should be...

1999 Engine Ford 1999 ford explorer
The engine gets loud when traveling between 40 and 55 miles an hour when we get above 60mph then it seems to go way.

97 Engine Ford 97 windstar 3.0
my 97 windstar 3.0, is loosing engine coolant, it is not overheating, thermostat is removed! yesterday driving started making a knock stopped at a light, then taking off knock went away but started a loud pings like spark knocking but temp gauge was at normal range half way mark as I was trying to exit street loss of power then just died as I exit road. keep in mind temp was normal but when I open hood motor smelt like it was extremely hot!!! there is no hose leaks, nothing running to ground with full coolant system but after cool down it drained tank of coolant/ no milking, oil is fine! I hope that someone here has seen this problem before with 3.0 engine! after cool down, engine started up fine ran like nothing was wrong, but after a few minutes started samething again... Is it a head gasket, intake gasket, or even both? Thank you,

1994 Buick 94 Buick Lesabre
My 94 Buick Lesabres water pump went out going down the road and it shut off at the same time. After replacing water pump car will only start first thing in the morning. After running it you shut it off it will not crank back up until it sets over night and not being messed with. Replaced Cam sensor and crank sensor thinking water may have shorted them out but it still did not fix the problem. Tested the module under the coil packs it tested good. I do not understand why it will crank cold but will not crank back up if shut off...

1994 Ford Explorer XLT
When using high beams, the headlights go out. Switch back to low beams and all is well. Any ideas?

1991 Buick Regal
1991 Buick Regal Custom with 3.1 liter V6. Runs rough after starting then cuts off. After 2 to 3 times the power will cut off to fuel pump. Fuel pump will not come back on. Checked relay and fuse they are ok. Checked wire harness connected to fuel injectors, upper sensors and alternator its ok.

1984 Ford mustang gt350
Car starts fine but can at anytime go dead. It will start right back up but may go dead again at anytime.New voltage regulator, new battery, solenoid good so what is causing the problem ? Could it be the alternator ?

car starts and idles fine put it in gear and it runs rough and sounds like it wants to stall

2001 Ford TaurusSES
My Taurus Was Having A Misfire On Cyl2 Changed Plugs,wires,coilpack,and Injector Ran Fine For About A Week Lost All Power Idles Rough Found A Light Brown Sludge In My Upper Intake Manifold Where Pvc Hose Goes What Can Cause This?

2001 Ford TaurusSES
My Taurus Was Having A Misfire On Cyl2 Changed Plugs,wires,coilpack,and Injector Ran Fine For About A Week Lost All Power Idles Rough Found A Light Brown Sludge In My Upper Intake Manifold Where Pvc Hose Goes What Can Cause This?

2001 Engine Ford TaurusSES
my Taurus was having a misfire on cyl2 changed plugs,wires,coilpack,and injector ran fine for about a week lost all power idles rough found a light brown sludge in my upper intake manifold where pvc hose goes what can cause this?

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