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Updated: November 25 2014
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New Questions

1990 Chevrolet s10 blazer
And theres a decrease of power i replace. Tic the pice with a shaft spring and punger(carb)

1997 Ford thunderbird
Why does my tachometer needle jump around sometimes with no change in engineering speed. Goes from normal to jumping around and back to normal

1989 AMC ranger
Whar side of heater core does the water pump hose connect?

1995 Ford taurus
My car makes a ticking noise when I take my foot after the excellerator

1997 Nissan Maxima
97 nissan maxima my abs light just suddenly came on. When it did my high beams blew out, and I only had one head light, but two days before that my battery died out of no where. When the abs light comes on my radio shuts off, all my lights dimmer in side the car but I headlight go to high beams, please help??? What could it be??

1989 Chevrolet 1989Chevy Corsica
89 Corsica starts but when warm shuts down than about 45minutes will start up only to conk out when warm

1989 Engine Chev chevy corsica
89 Corsica starts but when warm shuts down than about 45minutes will start up only to conk out when warm

1976 Engine Ford LTD
1976 Ford LTD wont stay started, complete tune up done and fuel pump and filter changed...

1994 Engine Chev camero
my car cranks good at first but when it runned awhile i turn it off then it acts like it dont want to start back then when it does the acelerator sticks then goes back to normal!

2000 Honda Accord Lx Coupe
Have a code P0172 can clear code wont show up for a bit but car is sluggish seems like its working hard to get up to speed has trouble going over 70 and when u cold start it idles like crap and almost or does stall out its like the power is gone from the motor

2000 Honda Accord Lx Coupe
Have a code P0172 can clear code wont show up for a bit but car is sluggish seems like its working hard to get up to speed has trouble going over 70 and when u cold start it idles like crap and almost or does stall out its like the power is gone from the motor

1994 Nissan Altima Gxe
I went to start my car in the am and it cranked up fine, but when i shifted gears to drive it completely shuts off. Even when i shift to reverse. Transmission fluid has been leaking. What is the problem?

1995 Chevrolet cavalier
Driving down the road one night, lost power to my headlights, light that lights my dashboard, and came back on after awhile like it was rebuilding the charge. But ever since my abs, parking brake light and airbag lights never shut off. If I sit in park, those 3 three lights are off, I have full power to my headlights, interior lights and the blower of my heater, but once I put it in drive I lose about half if not more and my abs air bag and brake lights illuminate again.

1989 Toyota Corolla sr5
Idle fluctuates, loss of power, and sudden stops of power in acceleration. Strong smell of gas.

1992 Engine Toyota 22-re
92 toyota 4x4 22re will and run for maybe 10 seconds then die start again and over & over check all relays and switched mass/a/f with one from friend truck, did not change his was a 94 22re.

1993 Ford Thunderbird LX
I very foolishly took off the iac on my 3.8 v6 and broke what was left of the 20+ year old seal. i also jacked with the egr and now i have a massive vacuum leak that makes the car idle at 2000 rpm. i replaced both seals and i replaced the iac with an aftermarket part. the part seems to work just fine and i know the aic is sealed tight. i still cant drive it. any ideas?

1992 Mazda B2200 PU Trk
Why does my truck is hard starting in the mornings only?

88 Chevrolet corsica
car wld always stall & wldnt start agn til abt 15-20mins later..checkd plugs & whn try 2 start w plugs out gas shoots out of the spark plug holes & leaks arnd throttl body & injector wont start at all

1994 Chevrolet chevy s10 blazer
My 1994 s10 blazer starts fine when it is cold, but as soon as I put it in gear, it dies. I can restart it fine, let it run for a long time, and once i put in to gear it dies. It only does this when it is cold, runs fine when it is warm

1999 Chevrolet cavilier
My 99 cavilier makes a chugging noise and you can also smell gas out the exaust pipe

98 Engine Chev 3.8 v6
ok i have a 98 camaro with a 3.8 v6. It just started to die on me while im driving it. if i let it sit for a little bit it starts back fine. i have noticed that when i turn the key on the oil pressure and battery meter goes down, and it wont start. now if i let it sit for a while the oil pressure gauge is up where it should be and my voltage meter is back up as well. it is not my battery or alt that is bad. i need to get this resolved as soon as possible as i have 2 kids that i have to get back and forth to school everyday. thank you in advance.

1991 Nissan
i can go out there now the truck will start then go about 3to4 miles turn it off then get back into it wont start

1990 Engine Honda f22a1
timed the car cause it was out of timing started the car hear loud popping in back of motor and the car wont stay running.

1992 Engine Nissan 1992 Nissan truck/pathfinder
My 1992 kingcab will start but after warming up for 3-5 minutes will cut off and not start as if the battery is down but 20 minutes later will start

1999 Nissan Maxima 1999 SE SEDAN
Easy way to replace rear speakers in a 1999 Nissan Maxima

1992 Buick Regal
1992 Buick Regal 3.8 L NO FUEL. Pump Is Good. I Have NO POWER At All To The 20 Amp Fuse Under The Hood Labled FUEL PUMP/ECM Or The Fuel Pump Relay. But The Relay Still Clicks When You Turn The Key On???? i have even swapped the relay with others. Its Dads Car And Just Quit. It Was 3 Quarts Low On Oil To Begin With.So I Dunno If The Oil Pressure Sensor Sensed The Pressure Was Low And When It Tried To Stop The Car It Fried The ECM Instead Of The Fuse? The Only Fuse That Was Blown Was The Trunk Release Under The Hood.He Mention It Felt Like The Transmission Was Slipping Right Before It Quit. Any Help Would Be Wonderful. Thanks

2004 Pontiac grand am
my car has a rough idle after it has been running for 3 mins i have changed the o2 sensor, spark plugs,and wires and redid the timing on it to

2002 Chevrolet cavalier
My fan is squeeling or my serpentine belt, which is new. Do I have to oil the fan motor?

2001 Ford 2001
2001 ford explorer stopped backing up after 10 feet of being in reverse. Loud clunk and then stopped moving. All other gears fine.

89 Toyota 89 toyota wagon
I just replaced the fuel pump on my 89 toyota wagon and it started when i was at then i got home and 6 hours later tried to start it agin and wont start! It gets fireto plugs and gas wat could it be?

Horn keeps going bad , replaced twice , relay clicks , 12v at connectors , put in new horn works , check 2 days later does not , remove horn put 12 volts to it does not work , put in new horn works , problem repeats , killed 3 total counting original

1993 Jeep grand cherokee
i have 20835 miles and check engine lite stayed on after I started car to come home from work. I opened hood have plenty coolant and oil and it sounds fine, I shut the hood and it went off. Then 2 hrs later I started it again to go somewhere and it stayed on again after starting so I again open and shut the hood and it goes off I drove it 3 blocks let it run for like 10 min then drove back home and was off whole time. I just wonder if its worth the money to go to dealership or could my sensor be shot I dont know what to think, I have always done regular oil changes please help me

2000 Nissan Frontier
Why does the rpms go up and down, idle too high?

1996 Nissan Maxima 1996
I crank my car up when down street to store once i get back in car try crank it back up smoke begin coming from behind steering wheel n makomg noise so i shut car off waited a few min i put keys back in but did not try turn it and it started to try crank itself so i quickly remove key then once again waited couple secs put the key in n turn it bit did not crank it to roll up windows lights work radio work locks work and dashboard lights work but i did it once more after waiting about 6 more min and my driver window would not roll up and dashboard lights did not come on but all while my doors still lock n head lights came on i have a push button to star my car need help what cpuld be problem

1993 Chevrolet cavalier Z24
I have a 1993 Cavalier Z24 my headlights worked this morning now i went to turn them on tonight and all other lights work except the headlights what is it?

1996 Engine Honda 1.6 liter
Honda civic 1.6 year 1996 ok so before work i put gas into my car went to work .my job was like 2 miles from gas station i left work prob drove like 4 miles then BOOM car just lost power check engine lite came on i drove rest of the way home slowly but at times engine would shake i let off gas it would smooth out still running ruff i eased it home every now and then letting off gas cause check engine lite would blink and engine would shake i let off gas it wouldnt shake ......ran code next day said misfire 2 checked wire 2 then fixed it but it wouldnt start after that said 1,2,3 misfire they wouldnt even fire after that could it be bad gas in my engine watery gas?

1997 Engine Pontiac 1997 3800 GT v6
97 gran prix engine issue. Overheating, replaced thermostat n elbow. Trans fluid good, oil good, cleaned hoses, flushed radiator. Still overheating and bad knocking sound from engine. Suspect piston rod bearrings. Just learned of recall for oil leak into manifold upon hard breaking causing fire. Need help on solutions ti problem. No power either.

1991 Ford probe
my headlights flop up & down & wont turn on, wuts wrong? checked fuses all good...

1991 Ford tempo
1991 Tempo 4cyl. Car will run in the start position only. Tried ignition switch, not it. Any suggestions other than wiring?

1988 Ford taurus
I have a 88 ford taurus thats chugging and pops while trying to shift please help not sure if its transmission or I put bad gas in

2000 Honda accord coupe
I have a 2000 Honda Accord Coupe, everytime I push down on the brakes, my vehicle continue to accelerate until I mash hard on my brakes, can you please tell me what the problem is.

2002 Engine Infiniti q45
drove my 2002 infinity Q 45 to grocery store. when I came out 15 min later it would turn over but would not start. it has been showing a message on the screen, saying emission malfunction.

1986 Chevrolet Cavalier
I Have A 86 Cavalier Z24 2.8, It Has Been Starting And Running Great, It Sat For A Month Without Being Started And I Went To Start It And It Will Not Start Up, It Cranks Normally, Went Through The Grid In The Shop Manual For The Relays And Oil Pressure Switch And All Seem To Be Ok But Still Not Getting Fuel And The Fuel Pump Seems Not To Work, I Have Replaced The Fuel Pump Two Years Ago. Anything Else That I Could Do Other Than Hot Wire The Fuel Pump?

1986 Engine Toyota 22re
I have a 1986 toyota 4runner, 22re auto trans, with 220,000 miles. From fuel, to ignition everything is new. New o2sensor Now when your driving the truck, and at a stop it bogs down, after couple turns of the key and it starts, and does the same thing again

1995 Mercury 1995
i have a 95 mercury mystic and it is running rough and will die when i am at a stop check engine light will come on and go off all the time my son changed the starter and bumped something he calls a knock sensor but no one seems to know what i am talking about they check to see what is wrong with out check engine lite staying on they said any help will be appreciated

1998 Chevrolet Lumina
car smothers down after drove a while

1992 Chevrolet cavalier rs
what tools do I need to replace a water pump in a 1992 chevy cavalier

1995 Ford ford explore
Why does my car smell like antifreeze?

1992 Honda Accord
1992 Honda Accord automatic. The engine vibrated with puff sound in the exhaust at 1500-2000 rpm. Once passed the 2000 rpm, engine is normal. This is only happen when car is in drive. When in neutral or park engine is normal at 1500-2000 rpm. Cleaned the throttle body, new plugs and wire. Still vibrated at 1500-2000 rpm. Please advice

1997 Ford taurus lx
I have a 1997 Ford Taurus lx. Everytime i drive my car and i stop for to long, like at a stop sign or a red light, my car cuts off and it starts smoking, but i am able to restart it. Does anyone know what can be causing this?

1998 Mercury Sable
I have a mercury sable 1998 there is smoking coming from under the hood it also hesitates when trying the push gas pedal. I can pull over and turn the car off and restart it and it will allow me to drive for 2 maybe 3 minutes and then it repeats itself. What could be the problem?

1990 Honda accord
When it rains, water leaks into my cab from under the dash in the corners. On the driver side behind the fuse box an passenger side, (right side) of the computer. I have no idea where its coming in from an its bothering me cause my floors get flooded. Please help me with this problem

1997 Engine Mazda 1997
My car stops on road in running and later get starts.oil,water radiator all ok i changed plug 1 month back what should be the reason.

1992 Honda Prelude
My 1992 Honda prelude keeps trying to overheat. The fan is working, but turns on almost 10 min after turning the car off, even after nearly overheating. Also when I took the cap off to check coolant level, (which was fine) it spit out at me. We replaced the thermostat little over a year ago & just 2mos ago replaced the water pump. HELP!!

93 Chevrolet 93 cavalier 3.1 z 24
93 cavalier 3.1Z24 v6 started car ok put in gear run rough then died im not get any spark to the plugs what do replace frist???? Help plz

1999 Pontiac 99 pontiac sunfire
heres my problem. i was driving my 99 pontiac sunfire down the road when it just lost power. it will start but not crank. what do i do?

1987 Engine Chev truck
1987 chevy pu 4.3 engine. will run fine then check engine light comes on and it starts missing real bad and will not run properly again until I unhook the battery and it will run sometimes 5 min to a week. what causes this

1987 Chevrolet cavalier
I have a 97 chevy cavalier , I have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, alternator. Car battery works fine but when I try and start car fuel pump does not start. I used to be able to get fuel pump to start by moving steering wheel adjustment up and down slowly then I would hear pump turn on and turn key over fast to get it started. One day a flicker sound happen and now nothing I do gets fuel pump to work. Is it electronic ? Will changing multifunctional signal control fix this ?

93 Chevrolet 93 cavalier 3.1 z 24
93 cavalier 3.1Z24 v6 started car ok put in gear run rough then died im not get any spark to the plugs what do replace frist???? Help plz

1995 Engine Ford 4.6
I have a 1995 Thunderbird with a 4.6 L engine, it idles fine until the engine begins warming up and then it begins to ramp the idle up also. I have had it scanned with no codes showing up, replaced electric fan, relay for fan also.

1983 Ford F-350
I had my truck running while I was putting transmission fluid into it. Noticed that I had a very small radiator leak. I was about to turn off the truck when the truck turned itself off. Truck will start but, will not run.

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