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Updated: September 30 2014
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New Questions

1999 Engine Chev 1999
1999 Chevy Tahoe with 5.7. Engine starts and then immediately shuts off. Will remain running on ether, but shuts off when you stop spraying. Changed the fuel filter and entire sending unit, to no avail. Any suggestions?

2006 Chevrolet 2006 Chevy Express
my van will quit and run out of gas when the gas is only just under a 1/4 what is the problem?

1997 Nissan Sentra
My 1997 Sentra will stop running after it runs 10-20 miles. If I wait until the engine cools off it will start right up and go another 10-20 miles. I have replaced the crank sensor, Fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and both o2 sensors. My car just turned 250k so as you can see I pretty much did an entire tune-up. Oh there were no codes that showed up to give me any clue.

2000 Ford Taurus
When i start car it starts but makes a clicking noise around engine some smoke comes out not sure from where but coming from under hood.if i step on gas or brake the noise is louder also some shaking

2005 Mazda B2600f
my2005 mazda b2600f with the g6 engine has trouble starting after sitting for a couple of weeks. I have to keep winding it over and pumping the gas pedal. If it has been sitting out in the sun on a hot day it will eventually start but if but if it is cold there is no chance and I have to use a starting aid (aerostart spray). It also runs rough at idle like its missing a little cause I can feel it shake the car slightly like its just not running smooth and when I put my foot down to hard it wont rev up smoothly I kind of chokes a bit. I suspect an air leak in the fuel system as if the fuel is leaking back to tank and just wanted to know where it is most likely to be losing fuel pressure e.g where the fuel lines usually leak or which seal in the pump usually causes problems. It also uses more fuel than it should be and is costing me more to run than a relatively late model four cylinder engine should. any help would be most appreciated and will save me a lot of time and money. Regards Frankiefnb

1986 Ford bronco
1986 bronco 5.0...the engine is fuel flooded immediately upon start or restart. The only way to get it started is holding the pedal to floor and it may run but is puffing heave black smoke from both ex pipes(dual exhaust) and once cleared up it runs great.

1987 Engine Chev Astro van
reverse slips on automatic transmission __ is there any adjustments to be made?

1982 Honda prelude
what needs to be done to start car after running out of gas

1989 Ford 89 crown victoria wagon
the car almost starts for the fist 2-3 seconds and then seems to stop fireing

1985 Ford mustang 5.0
I have a 1985 ford mustang 5.0 that shuts off when I make a left turn. Any ideas on a solution?

1991 Honda 1991 dx
My 91 civic DX runs great until it gets to 1/2 tank of fuel. When I reach 1/2 tank, it sputters and just stops. If I put another 6 gallons of fuel it will start right up and run great until the next time I reach 1/2 tank.

1987 Chev Cavalier caviler z24
ok .it started with replaceing fuel pump computer ecm, injectors,plugs, fuel filter,tps,crank sensor,map sensor after all that it started and ran a few min and now wont start if I give it ashot of starting fluid it runs for a second

1990 Honda lx
is it possible to convert my whole inside interior of my 1990 honda accord with interior from a 1993 honda accord

1987 Chevrolet Cavalier
Needs starting fluid to start then dies when i give it gas

1998 Ford Escort
I was driving my ford escort to work this morning my b4 I got there my headlights cut off

2004 Engine Ford escape xlt
My engine pulls very bad when I turn on my ac or defrost

1989 Nissan maxima
sometimes when I turn the ignition key forward and be P light on the transmission mode does not come on when selected, the car will stay in 3rd gear only, but when I turn the key off and on again sometimes the light will come on and the car shifts perfectly normal. meanwhile the C light will come on when selected no matter what. Also, sometimes both lights will come on no matter where the mode selector switch is pressed and at that point the car will only stay in first gear. Help!!

1992 Ford Explorer
My 92 ford explorer wont go pass 40 mph,i replaced the cat converters already but still doing the same thing?

1992 Ford Explorer
My 92 ford explorer wont go pass 40 mph,i replaced the cat converters already but still doing the same thing?

GL Ford taures
When im driving my brights sig stays on even if i dont have the lights on, pluse i have to unhook the battery to get my headlamps and brights sig to go off. Its a 97 ford taurus.

1994 AMC 1994mustang gt 5.0
Does my 94gt 5.0 have a crank position sensor?

1987 Ford thunderbird
I need a vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1987 ford t-bird 5.0 LX with throttle-body stock.l

1987 Ford t-bird
Why does the window console buttons only work when the ignition switch is engaged but the engine is not started?

1994 Ford 1994 thunderbird v8
screeching noise when turning

1998 Ford explorer
my ford 5.0 litre V8 spits and sputters accelerating up to highway speed

1987 Engine Nissan 300zx turbo
my1987 Nissan 300zx turbo will start up and idle fine until I push the accelerater down then it will bog out and when I let off the accelerater it goes back to idling fine can you please give me some ideas to what the problem might be

1987 Engine Nissan 300zx turbo
my1987 Nissan 300zx turbo will start up and idle fine until I push the accelerater down then it will bog out and when I let off the accelerater it goes back to idling fine can you please give me some ideas to what the problem might be

1987 Ford E-350
doing the water pump two top bolts broke off ,in the head to extract them ,I had to remove the timing chain cover harmonic balance r assembly removed all the broken bolts put everything back together now it starts but will not fire ,I just put a new coil on still nothing also I used starting fluid but nothing,could I have messed up the assembly on the crank shaft in any way,I did hit it with a hammer a few times until I found out that was a no no also the starter relay got so hot it melted the ground wire I did volt meter check on that and believe I fixed the back wards wiring problem also I used starting fluid too no luck please help me before it get;s towed off

1997 Engine Chev 1997 tahoe chevrolet
i have a 1997 tahoe chevrolet. everytime i gets in the car and go about a mile, the care stops on me with no warning, can you help me

2002 Engine Nissan 3.5
Idles funny dies randomly misses slightly exhaust loud

2005 Ford taurus
There is a steady whine from the front end. It sounds like bad wheel bearings. It does not change on accel. or decel. Is there something other than wheel bearings that might cause this sound?

97 Chevrolet cavalier z24
Can I put an 03 cavalier steering wheel in my 97 cavalier?

2001 Nissan pulsar
Pulsar Q Hatch 2001. Hesitant/chugging while at high speed or under load. A few weeks ago I had rocker cover gasket replaced and the next time I drove on freeway it struggled after about 30 mins as I was going up hill, as I accelerated a LARGE amount of smoke was coming out. Took it to mechanic and found when other place changed gasket they didnt disconnect hose and oil went into air intake. Had it all cleaned out and full service and was running fine but again on highway after about 30 mins was struggling again, no smoke this time. It felt like going on a bumpy road, then as I accelerated to try and pick up speed it felt like I was breaking. Slowed down and gradually sped up going down hill and would work fine until uphill or accelerating quickly. Took it back and they said was fuel pump and had it replaced. It happened again.... anyone have any ideas what is actually wrong?

1987 Honda accord
I have an 1987 Honda accord and it runs beautifully...but every time it rains it loses the power and slowly dies and then I have to pull over and turn it off and wait 5 minutes then it runs again. I cant figure out the problem.

1994 Engine Buick 3800
I have a 1994 buick lesabre limited it starts and it makes a loud noise in engine and then when you drive in the stalls out

1990 Honda 1990
tac and speedo turn off, battery lite

1995 Nissan Maxima
Wife was driving home when the serpentine belt let go, I just replaced the idle pulley about 2 weeks ago, how do I find out which pulley is frozen?

97 Ford Escort LX
I own a 97 ford escort LX that keeps overheating...looking for any answer other than head gasket haha. Have flushed radiator checked hoses, replaced radiator cap, new thermostat (which came out in about three pieces). It idles at a normal temp but when driving it climbs and almost pegs out within 5 miles. Most of the time it empties the radiator into the reservoir tank but not always. Fan works fine, AC only works for about 10 min then turns to hot air. Nothing coming from exhaust and no evidence of coolant in oil. I know the engine is getting coolant from the radiator because I have taken hoses and the water outlet off several times and always looks like good coolant. It can idle for 20 min on a hot day with the ac on and never get hot...also each time it has overheated I am always sure to belch the radiator to make sure there is no air trapped...HELP!!

1998 Ford Contour
Runs good but when outside temp gets 25 or below wont idle but still runs good

1989 Ford Bronco 2
Okay I have a 1989 Ford Bronco 2 when I first crank it up it runs fine but I can go down the road for a couple miles and it just shut off sometime it will crank right back up some it will take a few minutes can you help me with that

1984 Ford bronco ll
all my radiator fluid leaked out underneath where oil filter located. what is that from? someone said it was the line that cools transmission..I had my engine rebuilt just prior to this, and mechanic and I are on the outs, I need help

2004 Engine Toyota 2.4L
my 2004 2.4L camry has a very high idle,2200 RPM,but 98% of the time, it is only when first starting car for the day. so cold start. What could be the cause of this?

86 Engine Toyota 3sge
Iv got an 86 toyota celica gts, When i drive at highway speeds for more them about 45 minutes, the car starts to hesitate, its completely shut off on me 2 twice. if i let it sit and cool off for a little it will run fine for about 45 minutes and start to do it again, its a manaul trans. ill put my foot into the gas and it wont accelerate but if i back my foot off and and ease into the throttle it will accelerate better. Any ideas?

1992 Honda Accord
Was driving down the street the car shut off and now it want crank.

1997 Ford thunderbird
The engine misfires really bad and it blows the run fuse as soon as you install it

1993 Ford escort
car wont shift unless car restarted. had clutch adjusted

2003 Chevrolet cavalier
I am having a lot of trouble starting my care and whenit does start black smoke comes from exhaust pipe. I have changed the fuel filter, air filter and upper oxygen sensor. each thing made it run better for 1-2 days and then back to same problem.

1998 Chevrolet cavalier
need to locate the air charger location

2002 Ford 2002 Ford Explorer
My 2002 Ford Explorer has a tapping on the drivers side in the engine. Sounds like possibly a rocker arm or push rod. Is there any thing else it could be? Also did this model come with a timing chain or belt? Thanks!

1972 Engine Ford 72 351 cleveland in a 2000 f150
i have 2000 f150 that i put a 72 351 cleveland with 400 heads all stock except heads. I set the timing with light. motor just rebuilt completetly has approx 900 miles on it and no matter how much i adjust dist carb points it seems to missing but if i just lay my foot on gas it does great but as soon as i try to give it gas it starts spitting spudduring poppping back through carb and exhaust. can anyone help. Thanks Chris

1997 Ford explorer
theres a alarm type sound when i try to start my 97 explorer 4.0 it comes from passanger side

1995 Ford explorer
What is the length of the oil dipstick for 1995 ford explorer v-6 4.0 liter?

1996 Nissan Maxima gle
had new motor installed and now my rpm does not work the codes are for knock sensor and cam sensor I replaced the cam sensor

1999 Ford Taurus
I have had 2 rebuilt transmissions installed. I have had the speed sensor changed 3 times. If i start the car cold it shifts fine until the car is fully warmed up. Then when i stop or shut off the car the speedometer will quit and the transmission will either not shift to 2nd or does a hard shift. The abs light will come on occassionaly as well as the speedometer returning to normal operation then shifts fine. If I stay at higher speeds when the speedometer goes off it shifts ok at the higher end but from a stop its hit or miss . Sometimes the speedometer will go to zero on the highway and then come back up to normal on its own I cant see any consistent cause other than possibly heat but when i put it in for testing all i get is egr codes and that has been replaced as well. Check engine always comes back egr valve but thats not it.

1998 Pontiac sunfire
My 1998 Sunfire runs ok when you start it but when you drive it it will run rough for periods and then will want to stall. This happens most often when you put the brakes on. Some times it will not start right away. I have to pump the accelerator a lot to get it to start It also puts out black smoke after it starts. Also sometimes after starting it accelerates on its own.

2002 Ford explorer
starter turning over before cranking

1996 Ford 1996
My truck stops running when im it indel up by its own.what should i do to fix it?

1992 Honda Prelude
My 1992 prelude kinda stutters and sometimes dies when coming to a stop. The oil lamp light also comes on for a brief moment when coming to a stop. I know the car is leaking oil as well. Can you help me?

1999 Ford crown vic
When I crank my car my oil pours out it stops when I turn the car off if I was to drive my car to my stop sign I would be out of oil so I have to keep putting 3 quarts of oil in it

2005 Ford Taurus
My Ford taurus 2005 is having flashing airbag code 16. How to fix that?

2001 Ford Explorer Sport
I have a 2001 ford explorer sport v6 4.0L soch the gas peddel sits further back then normal what can cause that also I have noticed the throttle cable has slack how can i fix this

1999 Ford taurus
What would cause a 1999 Ford Taurus to lose power when you touch the accelerator you do not gain any speed , just continue to lose speed. The air bag light also comes on and stays on. All of my gauges stop working , and the car is really hot . When you open the hood steam is coming from the engine.

1996 Chevrolet cavalier
my 1996 cavalier 2.2 l seems to have a blown head gasket but there is no coolant loss or overheating and no oil in coolant or coolant in oil ?

1999 Ford Taurus se
In my 1999 Ford Taurus se 3.0 engine,the battery light comes on for about 1-3mins then goes off then might come back on or not. This doesnt happen every day.I had it checked at parts store. They said starter, alt, and battery were good (new battery). No problems starting or running.

My 1998 Ford F-150 does not have an oil dipstick, does it go behind the driver side motor mount?

1992 Engine Ford mustang
1992 ford mustang has a bad vibration at idle

1989 Engine Ford 351
1989 Bronco 351 ci engine...Rough idle on start-up ..then bucking (no pun intended) and power loss on acceleration. Checked all major sensors, everything seems good. Any ideas of cause?

2003 Ford explorer
Bought v8 explorer awd in brisbane qld. Had rough look at controls etc didnt have time for manual. Started 500km drive home,Had servere knock when turning into car park spots at service stations on way home. Did a uturn at home in the culdesac it felt like it had a lock diff. I later find after reading manual it was in 4wd auto whole trip. How much damage can I have possibly done. What work or inspections are required cheers

2003 Ford explorer
Bought v8 explorer awd in brisbane qld. Had rough look at controls etc didnt have time for manual. Started 500km drive home,Had servere knock when turning into car park spots at service stations on way home. Did a uturn at home in the culdesac it felt like it had a lock diff. I later find after reading manual it was in 4wd auto whole trip. How much damage can I have possibly done. What work or inspections are required cheers

1984 Dodge 1984 rampage
1984 dodge rampage wont run right when gets warm, will run for a couple miles then acts up. replaced engine coil& timing belt. used to shut off after 3-4 miles is a little better now but still acts up when starts to get hot?

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