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1999 Grand Am Engine Malfunction

OK three questions.

1. In order to adjust the timing you have to disconnect a wire or close a loop to bypass the computers timing, where is that wire and what is the process?

2. The car shakes and runs terrible, replaced the crankshaft position sensor and both 0.2 sensors. What can be causing this problem? sounds like the timing is way off, spits out dozens of codes.

3. when i start the car all of the lights on the dash turn on and the speedometer maxes out, i never noticed this before. is this normal? is this related to my car running terrible.

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1996 Grand Am Engine Other

I have had my car worked on and they disconnected the battery. The car now is in theft mode....How do you get out of it? Car runs great but can not put into gear.



1999 Bonneville Engine Malfunction

On my 99 Bonneville the temp gauge is creeping higher. Hasn't gotten over 200 yet but never used to run over about 150. During this same time period the volt gauge has creeped down. Again not enough to be a problem but still not right.
I have replaced the belt (serpentine) with no change, the tensioner still feels good, had the battery and alternator tested, first it said the battery was bad and the alt showed 12.8 about 15 minutes later the battery showed good and alt 14. Any ideas and do ou think they are related or seperate problems occuring at the same time.
Oh yeah, this all started right about we ad an ice storm I noticed it was very slow turning over shortly after that is when I noticed the gauges. The battery is a 60 month battery about 2-3 years old.

2000 Grand Am Engine Overheating

2000 grand am overheating and the heat doens't work. The car starts, runs, drives great expect it overheats everytime after about 20 minutes of driving. Professional Mechanic says it needs a intake gasket; parts and labor $400. A friend insists it needs a head gasket. I want to be sure of diagnosis before paying so much and I don't want to be back at the shop in a month with the same problem. Any advice?

1991 Grand Prix Engine Won't Start

this issue started about 6 months age. the car just died in the middle of driving. no warnings. then it wouldn't start at all, not even try, just a clicking sound when trying. we replaced the fuel pump relay and it worked for about a week then died again and it hasnt started since. We just put a new battery in it and replaced the ingnition coils. Now it will try but won't turn over. It has gas and all its fluid levels are fine. I should mention the engine is a 4 quad 16 vt not the original factory engine. I dont have any idea what to do with it from here. Is there anything else I can check

1997 Grand Prix Engine Stalling


My car starts, sounds fine, runs fine, for about 5 seconds then it shuts off every time. The OBD says that cylinder 2 is mis-firing. I have replaced all the plugs, checked all the fuses, checked the fuel pressure, and checked the coil pack. Any ideas?


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1999 Sunfire Engine Overheating

4000 miles ago, I had a major overheating. I had the car fixed, it got a new alluminum head, water pump, rad hose, thermostat, and complete flush with a reservicing of dex-cool (new spark plugs and wires). She drove great. 2 weeks ago, she started running higher than the norm, but not out of the safe zone. Then she overheated. I had the alternator checked, and replaced because it was only throwing 8 volts. I drove again, and she overheated. The levels looked great, the fuse had great continuety. I noticed today, the fan took to long to come on. I replaced the sensor next to the alternator to be safe. The fan came on sooner, but she overheated. Another curious thing was the fan seems pretty slow for being that hot. She runs normal, she heats up slow, but after 15 minutes she climbs slowly to the orange, and I shut her off. Also the air conditioning is guarenteed to overheat her extremly quick. I am at wits end with the pontiac, what can I do next. I still owe 6 g's on her, and my warranty is up. Help Ask A Mechanic.

1994 Sunbird Engine Overheating

The radiator fan never turns on. I checked the fan itself [works like a champ] and all of the fuses in the fuse panel.
The wires for the fan enter into the wire harness and I am not sure where they go . . .
My question: Without having to trace every wire, where would the sensor and or relay be located.
[The response someone gave earlier of "maybe under the hood someware or near the fuse panel" is not going to cut it!!!

1989 Firebird Engine Malfunction

After driving for a short while when coming to a stop my 1989 Firebird Formula 350 will stall out. I can shift it into nuteral and almost always the engine will rev up to about 1300 rpm than back down to about 900 rpm. During the stalling process the tach shows the rpm's oscillate down below 400 rpm's than the engine cuts off. One of the things I notice is that the oil pressure gauage shows a drop of oil pressure below 30 when stopping while normally driving the pressure is above 30 and at about 60. There is a 160 deg thermostat in this engine though I am not sure that this is heat related I do notice that in stop and go traffic the temp climbs to about 200 - 220 deg.
I have read about the idle air control motor and valve. I don't know where these are located can you point out where they are?
Also someone told me about the speed distance sensor or possiblely the ECM (the main computer?) could be bad. I have put in a new chip because the engine was a new crate engine from Scoggins and Dickie. It has a vortex head package and larger injectors. I have replaced the 700R4 transmission and put in a new rear axle with a 12 bolt Moser one.
Last the engine has Hooker Headers and has had the MAF replaced.
I hope this is enough information to help you point me in the right direction.

1988 Firebird Engine Tuning

My 1988 Pontiac Firebird 2.8L auto has the following symptoms:

(i) Engine quite lacking in power under even under a fairly light load
(ii) Fuel consumption is excessive (about 16 mpg)

The lack of power seems to get worse when the engine is warm.

The car starts easily enough every time and runs reliably although the engine does miss slightly on idle (especially when warm).

Engine responds to throttle willingly when in neutral.

SES lamp is off, no problem there. The sparking plugs are in good condition, correctly gapped.

Any ideas what is likely to cause this collection of symptoms?

1997 Grand Prix Engine Other

I am installing an auto-starter in my grand prix. I need to locate the tachometer wire. It is supposed to be purple and white hooked up to the ECM. Any tips on locating it? I hooked up a mulitimeter to the wire I think it is and as I increase the RPM, the output through the wire also increase, just not as much as the manual says. Before I hook up the wire, I'd like to be more sure that I do have the right wire. Thanks for the help.

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1992 Sunbird Engine Other

I have a 3.1 V6 in my Sunbird. Once the engine gets warmed up, when I come to (or am coming to)a stop, the engine will start "bucking" and will die. It will start right back up, but as soon as I take it out of Park, or Neutral, it will buck and die. If I let the engine sit for an hour to cool off, I am able to drive it again. I had thought it was a heat sensitive coil, but just had all 3 replaced, as well as the ignition modulator, all the plug wires, and all the plugs. Any ideas?

1999 Sunfire Engine Other

The car is a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire with 132, 000 miles with the 2.2 engine and 3 speed automatic transmission.

The primary symptom is the engine appears to run rich. It is a inconsistent problem as sometimes it runs fine and then it will blast out a large cloud of black smoke and start to miss. This usally happens when you first start it up and step on it, or after you stop at an intersection then step on it when taking off. It has also happened while at cursing speed, the exhaust turns black and the engine will begin to miss. It can be for short periods or extended. There is no real pattern. When it does happen the gas mileage decreases and if it continues for very long you almost see the gas gage move. I think it has been getting about 10 to15 mpg.

The first time I had the codes read these are the codes that came up:
P0125, P0134, P0171(showed up twice), P1629.

Things I have done trying to remedy the problem, changed the plugs, replaced the thermostat, replaced the forward O2 sensor, replaced the fuel filter (old one was clogged), replaced the catalytic converter (original missing).

The symptoms still persist, but not as often as before. Last night I had the codes reread this time only two appeared they are P0171 (twice) and P0134.

Any help you can give me would be greatly be appreciated.

1995 Grand Am Engine Overheating

My car has recently started overheating. This was shortly after I had an intake gasket replaced. It appeared that the thermostat might be my problem, but even after replacing it, it acted pretty much the same. After this, it seemed that at times when the car started overheating, the fan was not working. I checked the relay, it was good, so I ended up replacing the fan motor. It works better now, but the car still overheats. Next step was to check out the radiator. It was slightly rocked up so I got it cleaned and had the end bells replaced as one side had small cracks, not through the wall, but I was told that they can fail and it might be a good idea to do as I had already removed the radiator, which was quite a pain and it wasn't that much more expensive. Again, the car is still overheating, but only when you first start the vehicle. After the car warms up, the car never overheats again. Kinda strange, but that's the way it happens. Also, when the fan gets a message to start, it does operate but, the air going past the radiator is cold and I touched the radiator and it is also cold. Also, when the car is overheating, the heater doesn't throw out hot air. It is as cold as the AC, albeit it's getting kinda cold outside. So, that's where I am now, I don't know what else to do except to remove the thermostat and see if it's possible that I got another bad thermostat that's acting exactly the same way the other one did. I don't know what the odds of that are, but tomorrow I'm going to remove the thermostat and see if that helps me. Also, could it be the water pump? Is there a clutch assembly in this type? Please help me if you can. It would be truly appreciated.

1991 Firebird Engine Overheating

We have the 305 V8 w/tbfi. The fan doesn't come on unless you turn on the a/c. I have purchased a coolant temp. switch but I can't find on any where on the engine. Can you tell me where it is or am I chasing a ghost?

1992 Grand Am Engine Malfunction

2.3 quad it is missing at idel so bad it shakes the engine bad when in park and when you pres gas fast it makes a sound like a bad rod bearing kind of a knocking but it sounds more like a out of time miss
or one bad plug so I cheaked the plugs and swaped the whole fuel rack including injectors with a knowen good one it still misses I then was leaning to stall converter but I don't think it would bother it in park man I have no good use for a it shift it auto trans also a coil pack breaking up may do this I do have a good coil system off a 98 cavaleir 2.4 throw away engine but the housing is difrent because one is DOHC and one is SOHC but the guts look the same are they??? and it throws no codes suprise !!!
any ideas???

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1995 Sunfire Engine Stalling

engine stalls upon deceleration, braking and changing gears

1995 Bonneville Engine Stalling

engine starts but shuts off immediately.
Replaced fuel filter that did not help.
What can this be ?

1994 Sunbird Engine Other

I had my daughters car put on a diagnostic machine. It indicated that her car needed a Map Sensor and an O2 Sensor. We changed the Map Sensor, but haven't yet changed the O2 Sensor. Where is the O2 Sensor located on the car?
Thank you so much!

1993 Sunbird Engine Leaking

My Sunfire broke out leaking antifreeze and ran pretty hot. It will still start but as fast as you fill it up with water, it runs back out from somewhere behind the engine. I think it's the block, but I can't see it. "Could it be the frost plug?"

1999 Grand Am Engine Malfunction

OK three questions.

1. In order to adjust the timing you have to disconnect a wire or close a loop to bypass the computers timing, where is that wire and what is the process?

2. The car shakes and runs terrible, replaced the crankshaft position sensor and both 0.2 sensors. What can be causing this problem? sounds like the timing is way off, spits out dozens of codes.

3. when i start the car all of the lights on the dash turn on and the speedometer maxes out, i never noticed this before. is this normal? is this related to my car running terrible.

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1998 Grand Prix Engine Malfunction

i change my exaust manifold i had to unhook my throttle body to do so when i was done i accidently tried starting my car without sensor wires plugged in to throttle body now car idles erraticaly altimately stalling it seems to stop when car is put in gear

1995 Grand Am Engine Vibration

I know my vibration is from my motor mount that is bad, and I got a new one, however I can not find where the old one is on the car so I can replace it. I am a woman trying to show up my ASE certified father so please help me out. Thanks Blondie.

1996 Grand Am Engine Other

I have a 1996 Grand Am with a 3.6L V6.. I need to know how to change the serpentine belt.

1989 Firebird Engine Malfunction

On a 1989 305 TPI 5-speed:
Symptoms: Poor fuel economy, poor power, high Hydro Carbons at Idle during emission test (214 ppm).
Anomalyous behavior: While driving, if I push in the clutch and let off the gas, the RPMs drop to the 1200 to 1000 range. When I come to a complete stop (in neutral), the RPMs drop to the 800 to 700 range. Originally, when I idled at neutral, the RPMs would immediately drop to 600rpm, regardless of whether I was moving or sitting still.
No trouble codes displayed.
Attempted fixes: New plugs, wires, injectors, O2 sensor, ECM, distributor cap, cats. Corrected timing.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

1991 Firebird Engine Hesitating

I have about 122, 000 miles on the car. During driving the car will sputter between 2000 and 3000 rpms. Sometimes it dies and can be easy restarted in neutral or park. Other times it hits 0 rpm but restarts itself. This problem seems to happen only after 15 minutes of driving and then will go away and come back later on. I had the fuel pump, sending units, fuel filter, sparkplugs, battery, and wires changed but still come up with the same problem. Please help!

Steven W

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1992 Grand Prix Engine Stalling

I am a single mom with a low income who needs someone to correctly diagnos my car problem. As soon as the engine warms up, the car stalls and will not start back up until the engine is cool again. It started doing this randomly, and at first, it would stall, then start right back up but as soon as you hit the gas pedal it would die. You would have to leave it sit for about 20min before it would start again. Now it wont even start back up until you leave it sit. I had it hooked up to a "scanner" and it read a code 32 and 34. I have had the EGR valve, map sensor, and the ignition module replaced, and none of these have fixed it. You can hear the fuel pump kick off and on so they dont believe it is that. The check engine light does NOT come on before the car dies. I have had a lot of "maybe this or thats" but I cant afford to keep buying parts that dont fix the problem. Can you please be as specific as you possibily can, i.e: if its a sensor, which ones do you recommend they check first? I greatly appreciate your expert advice on this, and thank you for your time!!

1999 Grand Prix Engine Malfunction

My car dies randomly while driving or idling without any warning. It does not throw an SES light either. While driving or just idling the engine will just stop. When this happens the traction control light turns (this light does not come on normally unless the button is pressed and is not on when you turn the key to the run position) on along with the other lights that come on prior to starting. If driving you can put the car in neutral and it will start right up, but the traction control light will stay on and if you push the traction control button to shut it off the light stays on. If I pull over and turn the key to the off postition and then restart, it works just fine and all the lights that are suppose to turn off do. This is a very random and will happen and then go away for a couple of months. It's been to the dealer at 5 times now and always comes back as no problem found/could not duplicate.

1995 Sunfire Engine Stalling

my 2.3 liter engine runs rough, stalls when I come to a stop; stalls when trying to restart. Once restarted, engine will cut off ad lib. When restarted, auto chugs along without power then cuts off. Plugs, air filter and fuel filter are all new. How do I get this corrected?

1989 Sunbird Engine Other

I replaced my plug wires to my car and I took all the wires off the cap without looking. So I was wondering if you have a digram to show where all the plug wires go for the cap?

1989 Grand Prix Engine Won't Start

i have a grand prix le and it turns over but won't start my buddie says it might be the coil pack or pluggs or wires but i thought i could have been a fuel problem so i wnet out and bought a fuel pressure regulator but he says no i would like a third oppinion ok it i have to turn it over 50 times and it might start but when i get it started it chuggs a little bit like it was flooded but when i get going it's fine il go do what i gatta go and do and i will shut it off where ever i go and it will start fine but when i get home and shut it off and then get up to go to work the next day it wont start and it wont start 4 like 4 days then i will go out their and try it like in five days and i starts fine but then i turn it off and let it sit 4 6 hours and go back out their same thing no start could you help me out with this maybe you will know please thanks mark

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1985 Firebird Engine Making Noise

I have not purchased this car yet, but am looking to for my son. It is a 1985 Pontiac Firebird. The ad said the car runs but needs motor work. I called the dealer and he said that it needs connecting rod bearings. I would like to know a little more about this repair. Will it be an expensive repair? Will other things more than likely need to be replaced during the repair for the car to run smoothly? Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

1992 Sunbird Engine Upgrade

Hi my name is Aj, I have a 92 2.0 SE and i was wanted to know is it possible for me to change the engine to a 93 3.1 V6 and if so would I have to change the transmission also.

1986 Trans Am Engine Hesitating

I have an 86 Pontiac TA 305 Fuel Injected. When cold, it starts fine, accelerates smoothly and runs great. As soon as it warms up, it hesitates on acceleration sometimes to the point of stalling. If I manage to keep it running, once the rpm's get above around 2000 it then accelerates ok up to highway speeds and runs pretty good but with an occassional miss. I have replaced plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, air filter, o2 sensor. No check engine light and no trouble codes showing up on scan tool. Warm, it still starts ok and idles smoothly at 900 rpm. Checked timing and it is ok.

1994 Grand Am Engine Making Noise

I have a gringing or sputtering noise when accelerating. The shop I go to first thought it needed a full tune-up. This did not fix the noise. They went for a couple test drives with me and put it up on the racks. They found that the front left strut was leaking. This is the area of the noise. Could it be that the strut is making this grinding / weird sputtering noise when I step on it from a stop or is it something else?

1995 Grand Am Engine Stalling

Hello, I have a 1995 Grand Am GT with the 3.1 engine. It ran great then it was struck by lightning. When you try to start it it will start for a split second then stall. If you spray starting fluid in it it will stay running as long as you continue spraying it. I've replaced the ECM, the fuel pump, the fuel filter, fuel pump relay, Checked the crank and cam sensors, the ignition module and the injectors, went through all the wiring to make sure nothing was fried(they are all good). It still will not start and run on its own. Any suggestions? Anything I may have missed? Thanks

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1986 Trans Am Engine Malfunction

86 Trans Am with a 305 TPI. When I turn the car on the temperature gauge is fine then it goes off the scale past the overheat point. The engine is not overheating, the thermostat has been replaced as has the temp sending unit. Still the problem persists. Could it just be the gauge itself?


1993 Bonneville Engine Stalling

the car runs fine except when the brake is applied. the car will stall even if i put it in neutral and keep the gas pedal pushed. the car will restart easily

1989 Firebird Engine Chugging


No engine problems ever, very good condition, 305, 5 spd., throttle body injection, all of a sudden while driving one day, died. Put in neutral and restarted as I was coasting. After restarting, I had chugged & lurched & died, 15 miles home. Not as bad or noticeable once I got up past 3rd gear, but still lurched & chugged.

All my readings pointed to lean fuel mixture, TPS, ECM. Completed full tune up, fuel filter, O2 sensor, pretty much all of the emissions stuff changed out. Seemed like it may have been TPS, I switched this out w/2 or 3 different new ones, (in case I purchased a dud), to no avail. The last one I switched out, one of the little screws broke off, now I need to tap it out (UGH!). At any rate, any guess as to what the issue is? Thanks for any help, Laurie.

2001 Grand Am Engine Other

I have this problem with my Grand Am GT idling too fast. It doesn't happen all of the time. It's almost like it gets "stuck" and idles around 2000 rpms and has even went up as far as 3000 rpms. Shutting the car off and restarting doesn't help. My mechanic has taken the IAC valve off, cleaned it off real good, then has replaced it twice. Before this happened, he had to replace the intake valve gasket because it was leaking. I'm beginning to think that I need to contact a priest to have an exorcism done on the car, as I feel that the car is possessed by some evil spirit. Please help----

1986 Trans Am Engine Other

When driving at above 60MPH, my temperature gauge pegs right to the end, then when I slow down it goes back to normal. There is no coolant leaking, the heater core is a year old. Is this just a sending unit problem or is the thermostat wacky?


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