1994 Ford Thunderbird Stalling - Engine

Question: Hi, i have a 1994 Ford Thunderbird 3.8 v6, recently i checked for codes because it was giving a check engine light, the light would come on for at least 20 seconds and it would go away, when it came on the car would not change the way it was operating, it would still work fine. The codes that came up were 335, 326, 327, the 326 and 327 are voltage lower than expected on the PFE, the 335 is voltage lower than expexted on the PFE during KOEO, i decided to change the PFE pressure sensor and now when iam driving while i accelerate the car stalls, when iam at idle it works fine, now this stalling was happening to me before i changed anything on the car its just that it would happen only when i drove the car for at least 3 hours in the daytime, now it does it more, should i change the EGR valve and the EVR solenoid, i have been thrown off since it started to stall more when i changed the PFE pressure sensor. What should i do?

Owner: I dint clear the trouble codes when i replaced the PFE pressure sensor, today when i was driving it started to smoke white smoke through the exhaust, also there is a pinging by the PFE, i was reading something about the PFE hose, it said it would cause pinging, also i read that TO much EGR flow would cause hasitation and stumbling, as far as the white smoke it stopped but it smells like plastic burned, i checked the radiator and engine for oil in the engine but nothing. i aslo read that too little EGR flow would cause detenation, i may have to replace the solenoid and EGR valve and clear the codes and see.
Owner: I disconected the vacumm line line goin to it and it still did the same thing.
Technican: Clear the troublecodes and test drive (egr connected). Check for new troublecodes. No troublecodes? The next step will be to check fuel pressure.
Technican: Did you clear the codes after PFE replacement? To isolate the egr valve as the problem, disconnect it and test drive. If problem still remains there is another problem.
Technican: To little egr flow will cause engine pinging, as egr flow lowers combustion temperatures. If the hose was restricted it wouldn't allow enough flow and yes could cause pinging. To much egr flow at idle will stall an engine. If the egr opens to much just off idle the engine will stumble or sometimes quit. One way to test for sufficient egr flow is by applying vacuum to the valve while the engine is idling. If the engine runs roughs and stalls with enough vacuum the egr valve is in working condition (and the egr passageways are not restricted). Does the engine have to be warmed before the stall on acceleration? Does engine stall completely? If so how long does it take to restart? Does the check engine light still come on?
Owner: Before it had to be warm before it stalled, it never died out, The check engine light does not come on.
Technican: You could have a sensor like the throttle position sensor that is bothering. Will need to test sensors individually or have the car put on a scanner that can watch live sensor data. Also hesitation on acceleration can be caused by low fuel pressure or restricted exhaust. The egr valve can cause a stumble if it opens to much at the wrong time. When you drove with the egr disconnected (so it couldn't open) and the problem remained, it points to something else. The white smoke can indicate head gasket failure without the presence of oil in the water or water in the oil. Another way to check is to remove the radiator cap on a cold engine. Start engine and allow to warm. Look for air bubbling/gurgling out of the radiator.

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