2000 Ford Mustang GT Stalling - Engine

Question: Thanks for the help. Car will sometimes want to stall after start and only when accelerating after not being driven for 1-2 days. Will "pop" through the exhaust if given modest amount of throttle but if very lightly given throtle will only buck or almost stall. After, the car seems fine after the mild buck or pop and performs normally. Does not SEEM to happen if car is driven every 8 or so hours. Changed fuel filter, injectors, and plugs - no help. Engine Modifications thus far - 2.5 cat back, Hypertech programer (problem with or without program installed), Steeda timming adjuster (problem with and without any adjustment) cold air kit/k&n, C&L maf meter, C&L upper plenum, batery trunk mounted, 180 temp stat. 65, 000 miles had problem since about 12, 000 miles with no engine modifications and just now is getting more often. Thanks.

Technican: sound like you have a vacume leak in you intake manifold area once the car gets warm it is getting comphesation because the fuel air mixture changes with the temp of the engine
Owner: I thought the same and did the typical checks, not found. Wouldn't a vacume leak be "more" consistant? This is very on/off and only SOMETIMES when car sits for a few days? Best way to check for leaks would be...? I've heard of using wd40 and spray areas and listen for idle changes. I also have a vacume gage hooked up and does not seem to be any different cold/hot but I will watch closer now. Thanks. Also noted that a/r ratio will go dead lean after I let off throttle and not vary between rich/lean as normal UNTILL I give it some throtle - and also peg rich with moderate throttle input. Thanks again. -Joe
Technican: If your engine is equipped with an EGR valve, be sure that it is closed when it is trying to idle. If there is no vacuum leak and the EGR valve checks out okay, check the carburetor. In addition, double check to make sure your valves are properly set - not too tight.a faulty fuel pump can also be the culprit hope this helps
Owner: Yes egr valve is closed at idle and functions normaly when manualy activated. CARBURETOR? On a 2000 vehical? Carbs went out in early 90's I belive on the mustang. This is OBDII vehical. Checked DTC codes from dash tach test. Found DTCD262 = Missing SCP Message and DTCD147 = Missing data for vehical security. Can you tell me what theses are and how to correct, specificly what SCP messege is? Will run OBDII scan tool on car Tomarrow as well to check for any stored codes. - Oddly car did the stall/ pop through exhaust today when restarted after hot and not cold. Thanks.
Technican: I did mean to say thottle body check it for any leaks as for the codes A DTC is made up of 5 digits.I can demonstrate the composition of a DTC. With this information it is easier for you to trouble shoot DTC without knowing the description of the code. Example P0101 1st digit B-Body, C-Chassis, P-Powertrain, U-Network 2nd digit 0-SAE, 1 mfg 3rd digit 1 Air & Fuel Metering 2 Air & Fuel Metering (Injector Circuit) 3 Ignition System or Misfire 4 Auxiliary Emissions Controls 5 Vehicle Speed Controls And Idle Control System 6 Computer Output Circuit 7 Transmission 8 Transmission 4th & 5th digit - two place fault code 0-99 Types of DTC’s There are two categories of DTC’s that apply to OBD II. They are listed below with Type A being the more severe. Type A 1. Emissions related. 2. Requests illumination of the MIL after one failed driving cycle. 3. Stores a freeze frame DTC after one failed driving cycle. Type B I. Emissions related. 2. Sets a Pending Trouble Code after one failed driving cycle. 3. Clears a Pending Trouble Code after one successful driving cycle. 4. Turns on the MIL after two consecutive failed driving cycles. Stores a freeze frame after two consecutive failed driving cycles. DTC Codes - P0100-P0199 – Fuel and Air Metering DTC Codes - P0200-P0299 – Fuel and Air Metering (Injector Circuit) DTC Codes - P0300-P0399 – Ignition System or Misfire DTC Codes - P0400-P0499 – Auxiliary Emissions Controls DTC Codes - P0500-P0599 – Vehicle Speed Controls and Idle Control System DTC Codes - P0600-P0699 – Computer Output Circuit DTC Codes - P0700-P0799 – Transmission DTC Codes - P0800-P0899 – Transmission leaks I hope this helps out
Owner: WoW! Ton of info. Thanks I use the Actron OBDII Diagnostic Tester today and it gave me a Powertrain code of 174 and 171 suggesting both banks lean but no reason for this. I still can not find a vacume leak or cause. I am also still concerned about the codes the dash tach test gave me - called a dealer test done by holding the trip reset and KOEO = the codes I gave you yesterday of DTCD262 and DTCD147 they did not set the mil to come on but today the mil did come on and when using the scan tool gave the codes for lean banks. Any thoughts on all the above codes? Car holds about 18inhg vacume and now the poping throught the exhaust is getting worse and only on deceleration or between shifts or free rev when the tack is back on its way down. Also now when starting it is lumpy for about 6-10 seconds and then "catches" or engine will die out. After tack will ramp up and down from 500 to 1000 rpm for the first few minutes on a hot or cold start. Still pulls hard and clean when I am on the gas. TB looks clean and not sticking and TPS is at .998 vdc at idle-if I understand correct that is about where it should be. Thanks again.
Technican: At this point it would be best for you to release this question some of the other mechanics may have the cd or an up to date book of the codes to give you the information you need I am glad I was able to help part of the way

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