1993 Cadillac DeVille Won't Start - Engine

Question: My 1993 Cadillac Deville don't start when it's hot. I replaced the battery, starter, alternator, wires. Cannot figure out the problem. The car starts fine when its cold. After driving for a while, it seems to run hot but does not overheat. After I turn the car off, it will not start again until it is completely cooled off. If I jump the car, it turns right over. Please Help!

Technican: Hi, When you replaced the battery did you take the positive cable connection ends apart and clean out corrosion? There are two cables held together by the attachment bolt. If you take the cables apart and remove the lead spacer you can see the teh connection terminal. I force the red trim plastic covering from the edge of the terminals so I can clean the cable ends thouroughly. Will you please take a look and see if corrosion is the problem? Disconnect the negative battery cable first and then the positive. Reconnect the negative last on reassembly. Please advise.
Owner: All new wires and no corrosion. The lead spacer was missing so I put in a few washers to keep the terminals tight. The wires were loosening up and I thought this was killing the battery. Since I put in the washers, the cables have stayed tight and did install a new battery
Owner: The fan runs when you start the car. After driving the car and its hot, the fans are off. Could this be a sensor and if so, where is it located? Could this be the problem? Also, the a/c pressure clutch plate burnt out around the same time the car started doing this. I havent had that fixed yet. Could this cause my car not to start after it gets hot?
Technican: When you start the car and the engine is cold the cooling fans should not run unless the A/C is turned on. If the A/C clutch burned up that would mean the A/C compressor has seized up. But that should not hinder engine start when the engine is at operating temoerature. Let's check the codes and see what is there. (Maybe nothing as disconnecting the battery will clear codes) With the key on and the engine OFF hold down the climate control OFF and WARMER buttons at the same time until the display on the climate control panel changes to the l e d segment check and then release the buttons. Write down the codes. Codes beginning with an E are powertrain codes and codes beginning with a B are body codes (which include the A/C). An E52 code calls for no action if it displays. We can ignore that code. To exit diagnostics you may press the AUTO button on the climate control panel or simply turn the key to OFF. Do you have a ground wire from the negative on the battery to the engine and another ground from the battery negative to the car body? Do you have a ground (usually a braided strap) from the engine to the body? It would be best to get the stack of washers out of the positive cable connection to the battery and install the lead spacer. All those washers can impede amperage flow as they raise resistance values and develop heat. Also dis-similar metals will corode. It takes more power to start a hot engine than a cold one. Can you have the starter amp draw tested? It should not exceed 175 amps.
Owner: No codes came up as u expected. I will be putting in the lead spacer and checking the starter amp today. Its the radiator fans that do not run when the car is hot, not the a/c fans. I also told u that it was the a/c pressure clutch plate that went. It is actually the a/c clutch COIL and Connector. When this went, I was driving, the check engine light came on, the tranny locked up in 3rd gear. I had to manually shift the car. I found a blown fuse (5amp) changed it and cleared the codes. (sry dont know what code) The tranny was fine after that but thats when the car started running hot. Could this be something with the a/c cluch coil (maybe its stuck?) I will do that spacer and test the starter and let u know what happens. If it could be that a/c part, please respond asap and I will order them. Thanks
Technican: The failed a/c clutch coil should not factor as cause for the radiator cooling fan not running when the engine is hot enough to call for cooling fan operation. If the a/c were OFF the cooling fan should still work when called for. The cooling fan relays are located on the firewall under the plastic cover you see that goes from near center of the car to the right side of the firewall. The relay closest to the a/c accumulator is the a/c compressor relay. The others clustered together are fan relays. With the engine cool and the key OFF try to jumper the cooling fan motor direct to the battery to verify the motor is good. You'll need 10 gauge wire to handle the load of the motor. If the motor runs OK I'd recommend replacing the relays. (One is low speed and one is high speed.) If the motor won't jump direct to the battery and run then instead of relays replace the motor. NOTE: On some models the cooling fan relays are mounted on a bracket on the left front strut tower.

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