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2001 Camaro Engine Chugging

The Camaro chuggs/chokes at any given time but seems to do it more within a minute of start (not directly afterwards). It also happens mainly under high electrical or performance loads. I have changed oil and fuel/air filters. I am getting a new high output alternator (due to stock alt failure) but im wondering if the coil wire (like u said to the 1997) is to blame. I have had to change on coil before on the engine but i havent looked at them since. Any ideas?

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1996 Camaro Drive Train & Driveline Making Noise

My new to me camaro is really noisy coming from the rear axle area while driving at med/high speeds, I checked the rear wheel bearings which were ok and the U-joints were fine. could this be the pinion bearing or are these rears just noisy?

1991 Camaro General Making Noise

I have a 1991 Camaro RS with 3.1 litre V-6 engine. I have a "bumping" noise under the front passenger floorboard/front middle of car when I go over rough roads. I have had struts, steering idler arm, muffler and exhaust pipes replaced and the noise is still there. My mechanic has checked my car and lubed everything and said everything is tight. I had another mechanic tell me it was the catalytic converter making the noise. There is also a "creaking" noise under the driver side floorboard, after the car is driven for about 15 minutes, during turning and braking. My car has a little over 80, 000 miles on it and has been well maintained since I purchased it new. Help! Thank you.
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1998 Camaro Electrical & Lighting Systems Won't Start

I just put a new cylinoid on the starter and it works fine when I test it (pushes the gear up and turns it) but everytime I bolt it back on the car it doesn't catch the flywheel. I can even feel the gear kicking forward when it's being turned over. I have put it in 3 times and still I can't seem to get it right. There are only the two bolts that hold it and once they're tight theres no room for "adjustment". What do I need to do?

Also is there a web site that would have a complete diagram of how the starter is assembled, just so i can check to make sure I've got that right?

1995 Camaro Engine Won't Start

1995 camero, when you put the key in the car wont turn over, the battery is good, we checked the fuses and the relays we could get to, also the lights will work but the windows, radio and gauges dont have power and before this started the radio stayed on after the car was turned off, was this normal. We just bought the car a month ago for our daughter.

1991 Camaro Engine Malfunction

We put new plugs and wires, cap, every thing is new in the distrbutor, put it back with #1 cyc at top dead center, and won't start, uless you turn the distrbutor all the way clock wise and it will stsrt but run rough till you trnu it all the way but the other way. check for any ecm codes and there is none.
could this be the timing gear is out or WHAT?

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1989 Camaro Electrical & Lighting Systems Won't Start

where is the starter relay on 1989 Camaro? When I turn the key to start, the 'temp' gage goes max, but the starter solenoid does not click. I know the starter is good. I can 'jump start' with screwdriver across the terminals on the starter solenoid.

2000 Camaro Ignition System Other

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1998 Camaro Fuel System Won't Start

If the car has not been started for an hour or so, it takes 5-10 seconds of cranking for it to start.
When it starts, you can smell raw gas, it sometimes puffs a cloud of exhaust, and will run rough for a minute or so.After it starts, it runs fine.
3800 V-6. 100, 000 miles-mostly highway.
Most things have been checked. Injectors, plugs and wires replaced, also 2 of the 3 coils.
No codes in the computer??

1988 Camaro Electrical & Lighting Systems Won't Start

what is the correct firing order for a 88 camaro RS, 2.8L, v6?

1993 Camaro General Stalling

i have a 93 camaro 3.4,
recently i have been getting a very random symptom that resembles misfiring.. it only happens every once in a while but when it does i have to shut the car off and let it sit for at least 3 hrs. i have replaced the o2 sensors, tps, ops, belt, plugs, wires, coils, iac motor, vacuum lines and pcv valve, as well as VERY regular filter changes.. air and oil every 3000 and fuel every 10, 000 the last fuel was about 4, 00 ago and i cant seem to get a handle on the problem, it gives an egr code but, i changed it out.. and get the same code..(this was prior to the stalling) when the stalling occurs, the engine misses terribly, like its running on 3 cyl. the last time this happened was last night.. i was joyriding and rding it hard, when i hit 3rd gear the engine unloaded and started losing power. but still accelerating..when i finally brought it back down to idle it started to hesitate like it was going to have one of its fits.. luckily i was right around the corner from the house so i parked it and let it sit. by morning time she started right up and gave me no probems.. im confused.. and running out of things to replace.. please help.

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1997 Camaro General Won't Start

My camaro sometimes will not start. When it does start it will run normally for a while but sometimes while your driving down the road it will shut off. There appear to be some sensors in a box under the hood could it be one of those or is it a bigger problem. I am having one of the times it will not start right now. The engine turns over but will not fire.

1991 Camaro Engine Hesitating

Have a Camaro RS 305 TBI.
When the engine is is cold it, idles fine but studders and hesitates when accelerating normally. Even the smallest uphill is a problem. Pressing down accelerator very much it accelerates alot.

When engine has run (normally)warm for a while. Turned off and left off for 15-30 minutes it starts imideatly but stalls and is very hard to get starting again. It does start, and needs to be revved to 2000-3000 rpm for a few second before running smoothly again.

Been told this could be a EGR problem = costly. Any ideas?
Regards Sven

1993 Camaro Engine Other

on replacing my engine we almost had everthing done but my grandfather noticed the injectors were not seeping there is no room and you cant see is there an easier way to get them to go in than having to pull the motor back out?it is the 3.4 sfi please help monica
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